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Analysis on the current situation of packaging under circular economy China is a country with a large population and relatively poor per capita resources. From the perspective of resource ownership, although there are a lot of total resources, the per capita resources are relatively poor. There is no doubt that the resource shortage is bound to exist for a long time. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, we have followed a path of economic development characterized by "high consumption of resources and extensive management", highlighting the fatal weakness of "high input, low output and serious waste". Past! In, China was one of the countries with the fastest economic growth in the world and one of the countries with the highest level of domestic savings rate in the world. Needless to say, China's waste of resources, ecological degradation and environmental pollution, including steel wire, iron wire and thin wire, have greatly weakened the "nominal domestic savings rate" That is, a considerable part of China's domestic savings rate is obtained through natural capital loss and ecological deficit; Such economic benefits at the cost of "excessive consumption of resources" and "serious degradation of the ecological environment" must be highly valued and effectively corrected with scientific methods. With the rapid development of China's economy, the restriction of resources on economic development has increasingly become a "bottleneck". To alleviate the contradiction of resource constraints, we must establish and implement the scientific concept of development, fully consider the carrying capacity of resources, and build a resource-saving society

a resource-saving society means that in the fields of production, circulation and consumption, comprehensive legal, economic and administrative measures are taken to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, obtain the maximum economic and social benefits with the minimum resource consumption, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society. The purpose of building a resource-saving society is to pursue the tensile strength of hybrid composites of 248mpa, less resource consumption, lower environmental pollution, greater economic and social benefits, and achieve sustainable development

promote resource conservation through economic leverage, advocate circular economy mode and green consumption mode in line with the concept of sustainable development, realize the coordinated development of economy, society, resources and environment, change the extensive economic growth mode of "high input, high consumption, high emission, uncoordinated, difficult circulation and low efficiency", and gradually establish a resource-saving national economic system. We should establish a resource-saving industrial production system centered on energy conservation and material conservation as soon as possible. Transform traditional industries and promote rational structure through technological progress. We will control the export of primary products with high material consumption, high energy consumption and high pollution, promote the informatization of the national economy and society, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in accordance with the requirements of the new road to industrialization. Vigorously promote informatization in some energy consuming industries and strive to use information technology to reduce energy consumption

"saving" is not only a saving relative to waste, but also a reduction of resource and energy demand in economic operation. That is, in the process of production and consumption, use as few resources and energy as possible, create the same wealth or even more wealth, and make full use of and recycle various wastes to the greatest extent. This kind of economy requires a complete transformation of the current mode of economic growth, profound technological innovation, and real promotion of all-round economic and social progress

the packaging industry has become one of the important pillar industries of China's national economic development, and packaging materials are "wedding clothes" products that are "widely used, widely involved, rich in content and indispensable" in national life. Based on this, the packaging industry will inevitably become the target of public criticism for the development of an "energy-saving society". As a result, the thermal insulation materials on the wall will evolve into similar bricks without much thermal insulation function, and will naturally become the "pacesetter" for the construction of an "energy-saving society". At present, it is gratifying that people of insight in the packaging industry not only pay attention to the promotion of appropriate packaging from design to manufacturing at the source of packaging; And in the process of packaging life, from merchants to users, they try their best to publicize the idea of appropriate packaging - saving is glorious, waste is shameful, and advocating green is everyone's responsibility. We believe that the packaging industry will be a "pacesetter" in the struggle to build a "resource-saving society" and make a harmonious sound of the times for the "green melody"

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