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Analysis on the current situation of honeycomb paperboard

honeycomb paperboard is a new packaging material after corrugated paperboard. The manufacture and application of honeycomb paperboard is developed from the invention and application of honeycomb technology. According to relevant information, as early as the 1940s, the United States, Britain and other developed countries took the lead in researching, developing and applying materials with honeycomb structure in the military industry. These materials have the characteristics of high strength and light weight. Therefore, it can be applied to the manufacture of aircraft wings, which greatly reduces the fuselage mass of the aircraft and greatly improves the speed of the aircraft. Since the early 1950s, the application of honeycomb technology has gradually expanded to light architecture, decoration, furniture, packaging, storage, transportation and other fields. In the 1960s, with the further development of the paper industry and related paper industry, paper honeycomb materials appeared, that is, what we usually call paper honeycomb products

paper honeycomb products have lightweight and reasonable bionic structure and excellent application performance. These characteristics determine its wide application in the packaging industry. Honeycomb paperboard has a special structure, which has the characteristics of high strength, strong loading capacity, good elasticity and light weight. It is especially suitable for the packaging of mechanical and electrical products, process products and other valuable and fragile products. Moreover, the use of paper honeycomb packaging materials can greatly save the use of wood. This echoes with the green packaging advocated by the packaging industry. In addition, if paper honeycomb products are used in the packaging of export commodities, it can not only meet the performance requirements, but also simplify the quarantine procedures for customs clearance, which greatly facilitates the work of foreign trade

each customer is regarded as our closest friend or family member. Honeycomb paperboard has a special structure. It is generally made of two layers of paperboard and the middle honeycomb paper core through adhesive bonding. It has the characteristics of light weight and high strength. Its general structure is very similar to that of corrugated board. But the structure of the paper core in the middle is different. Later, we will introduce in detail the differences between it and corrugated board in manufacturing, performance, that is, the materials and technologies used. The honeycomb paper core in the middle is the most important part of the honeycomb paperboard. It is generally made of specially made honeycomb base paper, which is first cut into branches of a certain specification, and then manufactured through bonding, stretching, fixing and other processing processes. From the cross-section of the paper core, it looks like a hexagonal structure, which is almost the same as the structure of the honeybee nest. The structure of the paper core determines its performance to a great extent. Generally speaking, the thicker the surface paper of the honeycomb paperboard, the smaller the hole diameter of the honeycomb core, the higher the honeycomb core column, the heavier the honeycomb core paper, and the better the performance of the honeycomb paperboard. The special structure of honeycomb paperboard makes it easy to meet the requirements of packaging materials for vibration resistance in the dynamic transportation of goods

honeycomb paperboard has shown its excellent performance in both theoretical research and production practice. It not only has excellent performance in strength and elasticity, but also has outstanding performance in compression resistance, shockproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation. Moreover, it has recyclable, pollution-free and other properties. Its various excellent properties make it in a favorable position in the competition with other packaging materials

honeycomb paperboard has a unique structure, which makes it have excellent mechanical properties. First of all, it has been proved by practice that the compressive strength of the facade of the honeycomb paperboard is 100 times that of other directions. The honeycomb paperboard of 1G can withstand the pressure of 800g without deformation. Compared with corrugated box, its compressive strength has absolute advantages. Moreover, the cartons made of it can carry large mass objects. It can even be used instead of wood. The particularity of its structure determines that it is very economical in the amount of base paper, which not only reduces the cost of raw materials, but also reduces the quality of cartons. Secondly, its unique honeycomb sandwich structure makes it have excellent cushioning performance. It can effectively resist external impact and achieve a good buffer effect. Moreover, with the increase of paperboard thickness, its ability to absorb impact energy also increases. When it is impacted by external forces within its elastic range, it can also have a strong anti vibration ability. Reduce the damage rate of products

the raw materials for manufacturing honeycomb paperboard, i.e. its water content and air content, determine that it has a good sound insulation effect. The others are △ 6 fruit and a certain degree of thermal insulation performance. The main material of honeycomb paperboard is plant fiber, which makes the honeycomb paperboard easy to be processed into various shapes and sizes. Moreover, the paper consumption of honeycomb paperboard is very small. The honeycomb paper core and face paper base paper can also be manufactured with recycled waste paper and straw pulp as raw materials. Its raw material resources are very rich. Moreover, the consumption of base paper is very small and the cost is not high

as a new type of packaging material, honeycomb paperboard can be completely processed with vegetable fibers that can improve the conductivity, heat conductivity, temperature resistance, tensile strength and easy cutting and processing of copper from this kind of copper alloy functional new material, so it will not produce the so-called "white" pollution. Moreover, it can also be recycled, making it a typical green packaging material. It just conforms to the current environmental protection concept of protecting the environment and forest resources. Therefore, compared with foam, plastic and other materials, it has a broader development prospect

Compared with other packaging materials, honeycomb paperboard has many advantages. However, because it is also a product processed by plant fiber, it also inevitably has its own defects. First of all, its anti puncture ability is relatively poor. Secondly, the moisture resistance of honeycomb paperboard and its products without special treatment is very poor. The function of the paperboard is greatly weakened after the rain. Finally, the strength of the surface paper that constitutes the paperboard is generally not very high. The quality of the goods to be loaded should not be too large. Otherwise, the box will be damaged

due to various advantages and disadvantages of honeycomb paperboard mentioned above. Honeycomb paperboard is often used to make packaging boxes for exquisite instruments, meters, large household appliances, motorcycles, bicycles and fruit products

corrugated board is another well-known packaging material. There are many similarities and differences between honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard

firstly, honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard are different in structure. No matter how thin or thick the honeycomb paperboard is, it is made of honeycomb paper core and two layers of paperboard bonded by adhesive. It belongs to a three-layer composite paperboard. The thickness of honeycomb paperboard depends on the height of honeycomb core paper. In addition, the thickness of honeycomb paperboard can be adjusted by appropriately changing the dimension of the height direction of the honeycomb core. There are different types of corrugated board, such as single-sided type, three-layer type and five layer type. The number of core paper and panel required by different types of corrugated board is different. The honeycomb paperboard with the same thickness needs less base paper than corrugated paperboard. Moreover, the thickness direction of the honeycomb paperboard is the longitudinal direction of the honeycomb base paper, and the longitudinal ring pressing strength and edge pressing strength of the base paper are higher than those of the transverse direction. For corrugated board, the thickness direction of corrugated board is the transverse direction of corrugated base paper. Therefore, it is not as good as honeycomb paperboard in terms of ring pressing strength and edge pressing strength

secondly, honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard have different requirements for base paper. Generally speaking, honeycomb paperboard has higher requirements for water resistance, burst resistance, tear resistance and flexibility of base paper. Moreover, the honeycomb paperboard base paper manufacturing technology is relatively difficult

finally, there are great differences in the application performance between honeycomb paperboard and corrugated paperboard. Compared with corrugated paperboard, honeycomb paperboard has the characteristics of light weight, strong compression and bending resistance. The quality of honeycomb paperboard with the same thickness is only about 70% of that of corrugated paperboard with the same area. The special structure of honeycomb paperboard makes its plane pressure about twice as large as that of corrugated paperboard of the same thickness. But the cost of honeycomb paperboard is higher than that of corrugated paperboard. Although honeycomb paperboard saves more materials than corrugated paperboard, its requirements for base paper are relatively high, so the production cost is relatively high. Moreover, the manufacturing of honeycomb paperboard is difficult, so its comprehensive cost is relatively high. Moreover, the emergence and development of corrugated paperboard took a relatively long time, and the emergence of honeycomb paperboard was relatively late. Therefore, the manufacturing technology and production equipment are not as good as corrugated board. It still has many deficiencies in technology and needs further improvement

honeycomb paperboard has not appeared for a long time, so it has some problems in the production process. In general, there are the following points

first, due to improper quality and dosage of adhesive or poor adhesion caused by too high drying temperature and embrittlement of adhesive layer, the upper and lower layers of paper are opened in a large area. This can be overcome by adjusting the formula and type of adhesive, or by adjusting the drying process

second, due to the small amount of glue applied to the upper layer, the large deviation of the new height, the poor operation of the pressure roller and other reasons, the bottom surface of the paperboard will have a good adhesion, but there will be a large area of glue opening when the face paper is torn by hand. This situation can be improved by detecting the operation of the coating device, properly adjusting the paper feeding device of the core paper, and checking the height deviation of the honeycomb core

third, when the honeycomb paperboard is bent, the upper layer is broken and the lower layer is separated and split in a large area. It can be adjusted by adjusting the formula and type of adhesive and appropriately reducing the drying temperature of honeycomb paperboard

fourth, due to the poor quality of the core strip adhesive, low peel strength, improper stretching ratio or improper process, there are many holes in the honeycomb core during the manufacturing process, and fracture occurs during stretching. This situation can be improved by selecting a better base paper, adjusting its stretching process, and optimizing the core strip adhesive with high peel strength

fifth, the honeycomb paperboard is easy to be deformed and partially cavitating due to excessive water content in the adhesive or incomplete drying, poor exhaust of the core layer and high water content in the base paper. Adhesives with low water content, high solid content and easy to dry can be selected, and the control of water in base paper is driven by the national policies and measures to promote the adjustment of economic structure, support scientific and technological progress, and pay attention to people's livelihood

sixth, insufficient paper weight or unreasonable core layer parameter design will lead to insufficient surface hardness of the honeycomb plate and obvious hand subsidence. This phenomenon can be improved by selecting the base paper whose main performance indicators meet the conditions

seventh, due to the bending deformation of the fiberboard due to water absorption, or the unreasonable composite process, the internal stress in the forming process was not eliminated, resulting in the phenomenon of side paper opening when the fiberboard and the honeycomb board were combined. It can be overcome by testing the main parameters of fiberboard and further optimizing the composite process of honeycomb paperboard

eighth, due to the skew position of the base paper roll, the uneven tension during paper feeding causes the surface paper to be wrinkled. It can be overcome by adjusting the tension controller and paper guide roller of the paper return rack

ninth, due to the raw materials of the honeycomb paper core, the honeycomb paper core is difficult to open and has serious adhesion. It can be carried out by detecting whether the moisture absorption effect of honeycomb core base paper meets the requirements

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