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Imagine that in the winter when the north wind howls, you come home with the strong wind and want to get rid of the cold, but you find that the cold wind enters your home through the doors and windows. Did you start to complain that it would be better if the sealing performance of doors and windows were better? In fact, if you want to strengthen the airtightness of doors and windows, you should first pay attention to the material selection of doors and windows

key points of door and window purchase 1: windproof is the most important

door and window purchase. Stability is the key factor of door and window windproof. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are refined from titanium magnesium aluminum alloy, and their strength and rigidity are strong. In the face of strong wind attack, windows will become a safety defense line for home

in addition to the frame material and opening method, the thickness of glass also affects the airtightness of doors and windows. Generally speaking, double glass aluminum alloy doors and windows have good airtightness. For common double glass doors and windows, the glass thickness is 5mm or 4mm, and the thickness of thermal insulation aluminum strip is generally 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm

key points of door and window purchase 2: water tightness should not be ignored

door and window purchase should have good water tightness, so that doors and windows can still keep indoor dry in the face of storm attacks, without the trouble of water seepage and leakage. Among doors and windows made of various materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows have better water tightness

insulating glass can be selected as the glass of doors and windows, which is effectively sealed between several layers of glass and filled with desiccant that absorbs water vapor, so that there is no water vapor and dust in the glass

key points of door and window purchase 3: gas tight gender underestimates

door and window purchase. For doors and windows with good tightness, plastic steel insulation windows can be considered. Double or even three-layer vacuum Low-E glass and double rubber sealing strips can be used to make doors and windows windproof and heat preservation.

door and window purchase, in addition to materials, the switching mode of doors and windows is also a key factor to determine the tightness. The flat open window uses the isobaric principle and adopts a three seal structure of one hard seal and two soft seals, so that the window has good air tightness and water tightness. For doors, the built-in sliding door has high air tightness and good sealing performance

key points for purchasing doors and windows 4: see that the quality is guaranteed

when purchasing doors and windows, pay attention to the following points:

(1) the flatness of the welding joint, and see whether the internal and external corner joints are flush. Generally, the diagonal dimension difference of plastic steel doors and windows is not greater than 3mm

(2) look at the hardware accessories. Good door and window hardware accessories have a thick feel, and the surface protective layer is dense, shiny, without scratches

(3) check the material. When purchasing plastic steel doors and windows, you can bring magnets. If they can be adsorbed on them, it means that the doors and windows have reinforced steel

(4) look at the buffer glue. The function of buffer glue and anti-collision glue is to protect the door leaf from strong collision




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