At the mouth of the crisis, the brothers in the ho

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Under the financial crisis, all walks of life are facing the same challenges, but their survival opportunities are different. This is the time when the eight immortals cross the sea and each shows his magic power

selection of ceramic sanitary ware varieties

the main varieties of ceramic sanitary ware include toilet, women's washer, facial washer, washing trough, mop pool, toilet paper box, soap box, etc. at present, there are many Ceramic Sanitary Ware brands in the market, with great differences in quality and grade, and great differences in price. When purchasing, you should first have a sense of supporting, first determine the standard you want to achieve, and each component or accessory in the kit should be at the same level

determine the drainage mode and installation size of the toilet

before purchasing the toilet, be sure to measure the distance between the center of the water outlet and the wall (drainage mode) or the distance from the ground (drainage mode) to determine whether the toilet you choose is a drainage or post drainage structure. You can only install the toilet with the same drainage mode and the appropriate installation size. The wall distance of the toilet outlet should be equal to or slightly smaller than the wall distance of the toilet outlet (drainage method); The distance between the toilet drain and the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the toilet drain (rear drainage method)

the style and tone of supporting products must match

the number of ceramic parts in the bathroom is more than one, and several ceramic products such as toilet, washbasin, soap box, toilet paper box, mop pool and other shape colors can only be harmonious and beautiful if they are consistent or close

carefully select visible

when selecting ceramic sanitary ware, we should grasp that there are different requirements between visible and non visible: visible refers to the surface that is easy to be seen by people after the installation of ceramic parts, and the quality of visible should be strictly controlled, especially in the parts that can be splashed by water during use, and the quality of invisible surfaces after installation should not be too picky




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