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On June 28, Qiqiang people gathered in Zhongshan to hold the annual celebration of Qiqiang chemical industry and the first half of the annual summary meeting, to share their joy, thank their peers and win-win the future

years and months are like songs, and the wind and frost are like pictures. Unconsciously, Zhongqi strong chemical industry has gone through more than ten years. In order to commemorate this happy day, on June 28, Qiqiang people gathered in Zhongshan to hold the anniversary of Qiqiang chemical industry and the first half of the annual summary meeting to share their joy

at the beginning of the conference, Zhang Wen, general manager of Qi Qiang, said in his speech that today's Qi Qiang is inseparable from the hard work and selfless dedication of everyone here, as well as the support and love of all leaders, as always. It is your efforts that make Qi Qiang come to the present. Today, everyone is gathered together to celebrate not only Qi Qiang's birthday, but also our own birthday

then, President Liu Ping and president Xu Hanyuan of Qiqiang chemical also mentioned in their speeches that over the past ten years since Qiqiang started its business, Qiqiang people have been struggling and forging ahead in the fierce market competition, and only after being baptized by the heavy storms of the market can they achieve today. At the same time, we also firmly believe that with your efforts, Qiqiang will be more brilliant in the future

in addition, in order to make every employee feel the warmth of home, Qi Qiang also held a birthday party for employees from February to June. A total of 19 birthday stars stepped onto the stage surrounded by applause. At the same time, president Xu Hanyuan, president Xu Dengyi and Yu Gong came to the stage to send greeting cards and birthday red envelopes to our birthday stars. Then, the birthday cake was put on the stage. President Zhang, President Liu, President Tan and sister Shan cut the cake on behalf of our birthday stars. At the same time, I wish the birthday stars all their wishes and dreams come true

next, chairman Liang Riquan, president Zhang Wenzhang, President Liu Ping, President Liu and president Xu Hanyuan of Qi Qiang chemical came to the stage with glasses to toast Qi Qiang's birthday. Everyone raised their glasses together to cheer and shout for Qi Qiang's birthday

also on this special day, Qiqiang's overseas company Qipai International Building Materials Co., Ltd. in Cambodia came another good news - its business license has been approved. This is a double blessing for Qi Qiang. At the same time, it also marks that Qiqiang chemical officially went abroad and entered the Southeast Asian market, and the development of Qiqiang entered a new stage

for more than ten years, I'm grateful to my colleagues. I wish Qi Qiang to be united and win-win in the future

Guangdong Shunde Qiqiang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is from Shunde, the "hometown of Chinese coatings". The company has three brands of "Qiqiang", "Qijun" and "Qifeng", and its products cover piano paint, exhibition cabinet paint, wood door paint, kitchen cabinet paint, jewelry box paint, props, special paint for class, American antique furniture paint, UV paint, water-based paint, Jingwei furniture paint, etc., especially the bright paint series, which has long enjoyed a high reputation in the market and is known as "bright furniture paint that can be used as a mirror"

since its establishment, Qiqiang chemical has always adhered to the business philosophy of "being responsible for consumers, putting product environmental protection first, and safeguarding product quality with life". The products are completely clean and environment-friendly. Over the years, they have successfully served more than 5000 large furniture enterprises, and their products are exported overseas. CCTV was invited to interview the brand, which won many awards and was deeply recognized by consumers





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